Saturday, June 10, 2006

First day on the lake!

Today we walked to the lake, and hauled out the kayaks which were remarkably clean considering they had been stored upside down all winter. We rinsed them off with lake water and took a slow leisurely paddle towards the beach. There was a lovely breeze, and there was only one other boat out there, so it was all very relaxing. Once we got to the beach we went for a swim. When Dick got out the water he watched a turtle make its slow way down the beach and in the water! He then admitted once I got in that he also saw a water snake!

On the way back, we met up with Brian, Chip and Steve- three really nice guys who were cleaning off boats for other people just because they volunteered to :-) We also saw lots of purple martins having a great time flying in the wind. It was getting so hot, we headed back on home to shopping lunch and jobs.


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