Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dick's birthday trip

I had planned it.. a train trip down the coast as a surprise for Dick's 40th birthday. Then he started talking about how much he'd like a new mountain bike. So I gave him the choice- a trip or a mountain bike. Guess which he chose? :-) It meant that I inherited his older bike.

Part of the new mountain bike deal was a weekend to go and play on the bikes, and Dick decided that a big bike ride on the Marin county headlands (just north of San Francisco) was just the ticket.

We left the house by 8 AM- aiming to get through the San Francisco nice and early. So the bikes were loaded on the car...

I never get tired of going across the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a stunningly beautiful day and after going to the visitors center to get yet more maps, we head off at about 11 am. The trails were much steeper than we had released, but the views were stunning.

We cycled 8 miles to the Pelican Inn at Muir Beach and had lunch.

Then a long 10 miles ride home.. we finally made it back to the car at 4 PM.

A short drive into Sausalito and a long soak in a bath tub with jets... followed by a glass of wine and a lovely meal over looking San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. A very tiring but great day.


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