Monday, September 21, 2009

Second mobile blogging experiment

I'm trying to find ways of updating my blog more easily, like on the
bus from my cell phone. This time I'm trying by email. Let me see if
it works!

Today is my birthday :-)

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Ok. This is a test to see if I can post to my blog from my cell phone by text.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day weekend to Tahoe- Part Two

Plan B was to drive over the Sonora Pass instead- a route a little further north. So the next morning we drove the very twisty windy and beautiful route. 9624 feet up.

The down side was it took us several hours. A long drive through western Nevada and we finally saw the eastern side of Lake Tahoe. So blue!

We were staying at Northstar- a ski resort which turns into a mountain bike and hiking haven during the summer months. We arrived too late to go on the slopes but not too late to go and enjoy the sun going down over the lake. There was a really interesting cloud formation, and so the sunset was lovely.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day weekend to Tahoe- Part One

So yes, we've been away. We had a great time, and there is lots to tell, so here goes. We left rather late than usual on Friday lunchtime, having made a detour to our local bike shop to buy another bike rack. Dick was taking his mountain bike with us and we couldn't find a way to put it in the car safely. We bought the perfect rack and got going. The plan was to drive to Mariposa- just outside Yosemite to meet Joel and Stevie, and then to drive over the Tioga pass- a beautiful scenic route from Yosemite over the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We decided to take the scenic route and visit Groveland CA first. Dick had read about this town that had the oldest continuously operating saloon in America- the Iron Door Saloon. It turned out to be an interesting place but just a good place for lunch really.

Once we arrived in Mariposa, it was much hotter than we thought, but luckily Joel and Stevie arrived about the same time, so we headed out for a cold beer/wine and then had dinner. The bad news was that the Tioga Pass was closed due to a fire. Plan B needed.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

HUGE pine cone

My boss brought me in a very heavy "thing" yesterday from his mum's garden...

It is next to two large cookies and my 24 oz water bottle to give you an idea of its size. It weighs about 10 pounds- really! and it has sharp spikes. At first I thought it was a pineapple, then I realized that it was a kind of pine cone. But it really s VERY big for a pine cone. It turns out it comes from a monkey puzzle tree He said that they had to take down the tree because it had produced about 70 of these cones this year and was now like a lethal weapon. Imagine one dropping from a 70 foot tall tree! He said they had to check the roof every time one fell on it, and they had to stop anyone walking or working nearby. Amazing!

Lots of model planes

I work for an aviation company, and at the end of last week, I had to take lots of pictures of the artwork for various reasons. While I was wandering around I noticed the number of model planes in just one cube...

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5376703404317192386" />


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