Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hiking in Mount Madonna County Park

For the last three weekends we've gone on a hike every weekend. The first week it was Uvas Canyon County Park (waterfalls and trees), then Calero County Park (great views and hiking around the reservoir) and today Mount Madonna. It was a fairly steep walk to start with and quite humid after last weeks rain but worth it..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Renaissance Faire

I could spend hours here taking photos...

Santa Cruz Harbor

Yet another great photograph opportunity :-)

Birds of Prey

There was a small bird of prey show at the Taste of Morgan Hill too...

Taste of Morgan Hill Car show

This weekend was probably one of the hottest of the summer- temperatures of 105F+, so we decided to go early on Sunday morning. It was still too hot really and we were glad that the car show was not as big as it had been the day before.

It was still fun to take photos though!


Playing with my new camera in Capitola, a pretty town on the coast, south of Santa Cruz.

Visit to the Kim Song Monastery with Deborah (and Kiwi!)

We continued the weekend with a peaceful drive up to Mount Madonna to a Buddhist monastery. The views were wonderful above the clouds..

Their statue of Buddha is huge and is guarded by lions..

Deborah's visit to California and wine tasting

Deborah came to visit for a weekend with Kiwi..

Deborah bought Kiwi along when we went wine tasting with a group of friends. No she didn't have wine but she was interested!

Mashing and turning the grapes at SYcamore Creek winery..

We finished off the day with a BBQ at our house. This is Dick and Big Carl relaxing.. :-)

Picture with my new camera

A gently used Canon Eon 40D :-) A birthday pressie from my hubby..

Almost a month later..

I can truly say that I have still been taking photos. Admittedly not every day but quite a lot anyway. I've also managed to take my 365 personal pics just about every day- it's just been about having the time to post them. I have some good excuses for not having the time to post, but I'm forgiving myself and moving on. What follows is a summary of the last month, but first let's start with today..

Dick and I went to our favorite fish shop- Poppy's (see previous posts) because they were having a mini Oktoberfest. Beer and all you can eat for $30, so we decided to support them and go along for the afternoon. These two pictures should say it all..

BIG beers!


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