Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flowering tea

I've been a green tea drinker ever since living in Hong Kong 15 years ago. A couple of weeks ago my boss bought me some flowering green tea..

Almost too pretty to drink!

Coastal drive on CA 1

We love driving along this stretch of coast line..

Monday, February 01, 2010

Paso Robles weekend- Part 2. Winery Cat

I may just come and talk to you..

Can I make it across the pole??

I don't want to look at you..

oh, okay then..


Can I just play with the vine instead...??

Paso Robles weekend- Part 1

The weekend of January 23rd/24th. We took a fast drive down 101 on a Friday night to spend a weekend on the central coast with our friends Joel and Stevie. We based ourselves in Cambria.

We stayed in a hotel resort- where they have lots of rooms in a main building and several individual units. Therefore they have to have signs everywhere. Dick was having silly moment:

At lunchtime on Saturday we want to a fish shop that also served lunch and we saw a Mini with a number plate that made us smile :-)


We also came across a very old and rusty Studebaker parked near a garaage. This one just called for black and white..

Flooding higher

I forgot to post these photos of the same Gaudalupe river trail the day after the BIG rain..


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