Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long days

Yesterday was a perfect example. I was up at the crack of dawn as yet again my brain was ticking. I wish I could just flick a switch and turn it off. There is just a lot going on right now. Anyway, I packed a couple more boxes, and did some serious tidying up ready for the cleaner to arrive.

As part if the packing experience, I had discovered things that I wanted to donate, so the first job was to take some of them to my boss who was collecting for a mental health hospital. It's interesting that the one year I was organized enough to buy my wrapping paper in the sales after Christmas, that we are going back to England for Christmas and I can't wrap anything before I go :-) That, and I really don't want to take to pack it and take it to California. So I donated it, along with some games and toys.

I also discovered the purple martin birdhouses I had volunteered to clean, and they needed to go back to the coordinator. So after delivering both those things, I got to work.

I already can't remember what I did at work yesterday, but the end of the day was interviewing candidates for my own job. Three candidates were whittled down to two due to broken tooth, and both candidates were easy to talk to, though the process took longer than I expected.

We didn't get finished until 8:15 pm, so went straight to Book Club. Luckily my timing was perfect and a yummy dinner was being served just as I walked in. I haven't read the book, as I couldn't get an audio version of it. At least I wasn't the only one :-). However we had an interesting discussion about the election, and how things are reported these days.

Finally I went home and my brain was still ticking, so I did some varnishing of a couple of kitchen cabinet doors, and finally hit the sack at 11:30 pm.

No wonder I am tired today!

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