Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why we like living in Morgan Hill

We thoroughly enjoyed our Memorial Day weekend. First I dragged Dick to the annual Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras for an hour or two :-) It was originally meant for raising money for the local fire brigade, however since then it raises money for many different non-profit organizations. There are lots of vendors selling both local products or services as well as vendors selling jewelery, art and food, including mushrooms of course. We had a quick wander through them all and ended up at the regularly scheduled farmers market at the far end of the event. I was delighted to find that half of the market stall holders were the same ones that sell at the downtown San Jose Farmers market, which I enjoyed going to recently. Local cherries are in season right now and I could live on them! I'll be going there every weekend to get local produce :-)

In the afternoon we put some of the superfluous boxes from the apartment back in the new storage unit and brought the motorbike over to the complex and did a few other jobs.

Sunday morning we cycled over to our local cinema- a couple of miles away, grabbed a coffee and watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie in a morning matinee. Another great way to spend a Sunday morning- exercise, good coffee and a fun movie. I love being able to cycle to places so easily.

Late afternoon we went back over to the Mardi Gras and had a few beers while watching and listening to a band playing popular rock music. It got a bit hot but it was very relaxing. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

Monday morning we were feeling energetic and decided to go on a longer bike ride. Dick showed me the way he goes to work when he cycles part the way in. It is a couple of miles on roads and then on a dedicated bike path- the southern end of the Coyote Creek Bike path . We cycled almost 18 miles- it is a very pretty route and I can see why Dick likes riding that way so much.

After returning, Dick's other bike started calling :-) The big red fast one... So we called up some friends and arranged to go over to see them the scenic way. We had a really nice BBQ and left just in time to ride home an even longer twisty route while the sun was still up.

Dick said it was his idea of a perfect weekend, and I wonder why.. I think I agree :-)

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