Saturday, February 14, 2009

PTO and Photo Blog

An update on me. Yes, I have a full blown cough, cold, infected sinuses and infected eardrum- the works. Three days off work- bang goes my carefully saved days off. Let me explain. This year our parent company decided that we should have a Paid Time Off system. Basically we get allocated a certain number of hours every pay schedule to use as we please; vacation, appointments, volunteering and of course sick time. I had carefully worked out how I could use my anticipated time off this year and it looked good. Not so good now..

On a better note, one of the ladies I know from Photography Club ( told us at our last meeting that she had started a photo blog. Basically she has challenged herself to take a photo a day. You can see her inspiration at - her photo blog is I am still thinking about doing this but I am also intrigued by the idea of the 365 day project which involves a self portrait every day. I am the first to hide from a camera so this would be a challenge in many ways. I really don't like to see pictures of myself largely because I am heavier these days than I'd like to admit and photos have any unnerving way of telling the truth. However there is also the part of me that would make me really look at myself. I'd love to do both but that is a big commitment. We'll see.

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