Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colorado holiday- Part 5

Saturday was exhausting but a lot of fun! However it was really cold..

Dick and I went for another careful walk, booked dinner for us all and then headed back to the house to meet the others for some snow mobiling!

It was hard work but the scenery was amazing. I never thought I would go both down and up steep hills so fast!!

I had lots of layers on!

We went home after two hours and sat in the hot tub!

But we were not done for exercise that day as we'd signed up to do a local bonfire progressive dinner. It involved cross country skiing from a trail head to four different tents and bonfires to eat and drink. We started at 6:30 Pm, so it got cold and dark pretty quickly

We were very grateful for the bonfires at the end!

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Jim Rice said...

Hi Jackie,
Great Blog! Any chance you'd consider covering our Morgan Hill Solar Challenge?

I'm if you want more info.



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