Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alaska! Embarkation day. Sun July 27 2014

We left home at 5 AM on Sunday and dropped the car off at work and took a cab at the airport.  The day just got better and better. We got front seats on Southwest with loads of leg room for a flight of just over  an hour and a half and landed early in Seattle.
After a cab ride to where the cruise ship was docked, we left our luggage and walked into downtown Seattle. It was a beautiful day and almost too warm. We ate an early  lunch at a seafront hotel recommended to us and just relaxed. 

After a walk to Pike place market which was heaving due to three cruise ships being in port we decided to cut our losses and head back to the ship.  Queues were long but not unexpected and everyone was happy to be going onboard.

Our cabin is like a small hotel room with a queen sized bed, a TV and a ensuite shower, sink and loo. We also have a balcony which is lovely.

Most other people headed off to get food but as we'd eaten we went off exploring. We are on Baja deck which is on deck 11 of the boat so we've climbed lots of stairs! Most of the activity is around deck 7.
We have 'anytime' dining which means we can book dinner in any of the restaurants at any time. That night we ate in Botticelli's which it just general dining.
Having got up so early it was an early night for us.  Unfortunately something I ate that day did not agree with me and I was quite sick in the night.

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