Friday, September 18, 2015

Big 50 trip- Day 1 Fri Sept 18th 2015

I'm not counting yesterday as it was basically a very early morning (due to Wellness screening at work) followed by crazy running around, a train trip to SFO and then the normal (though admittedly shorter than normal) flight to the UK. I do wish to note that I slept pretty well considering though!

The  flight arrived a little early and the car pick up at Avis was simple. We managed to get a Ford Focus which also makes life easier when you know all the car controls. The drive was the normal craziness around the M25 but a longer than usual stop off to get coffee. Turns out that the one place we chose happened to be where people stop to wait for the cell phone call to pick up at Stansted airport. Took probably 20 minutes to just get in and out of the place!

Got to Mike and Cathy's around 4pm- time for tea and crumpets :-) Then off to the pub for an early evening pint or two (Cathy knows us well!). A roast chicken dinner kept us going until Mike arrived home late from a conference in Italy.

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