Thursday, January 12, 2006

Technology etc

My thought for the day is how technology changes our lives. Tonight I sat and updated Dick's calendar from my Mac, and I know he will now know about everything that is on my calendar. I was amazed to discover that he had already put in my usual meetings. I know it is partly because he can plan his geek nights! In the same breath I had 50 spam messages since this morning (filtered out already thank goodness) and several emails to answer. Gosh it seems to take longer and longer to cope with emails. At work I had even more, and it has now become a chore to check them. It's not like they go away if you ignore them!

I also realised how many chores Dick usually does, as he is still away in San Fran. When I came in late from work I scrambled to put out our trash, and the neighbors trash (a favor Dick always does for them), I forgot to check the mail, then I had to feed the dogs (something they won't let anyone forget but he also does it in the evening, as I do it in the morning). Then I remembered it was going to rain tomorrow afternoon and get cold again, so I need to remember to drag in some firewood so I can light the fire this weekend. ... that can wait until tomorrow, it is dark already. It is my day off tomorrow, but I have to do lots of chores, and the list is growing longer. I need a glass of wine just thinking about it!

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