Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bike hunting

Since Thursday we've been looking on the local listings for bikes. Waiting to the weekend to go and see them, so today we started the hunt. First we saw a bike that sounded good but wasn't once we got there- it needed lots of work. We left several messages at other hopefuls later, but nothing came of them. So we started looking in some local bike shops in case they had any ads etc. At one we saw a Buell, which was one of the bikes Dick had been looking at for me, but it seemed a little small, and I wasn't impressed. Then we went to another bike accessories shop and parked outside was a dual sport bike and the bike owner let me sit on it and it felt great. Which got us thinking... and Dick excited :-) He has been lusting after a dual sport bike himself for a while, and this seems to be the perfect solution. One we can both ride and use. We then saw one listed tonight and called immediately. We go to see it tomorrow..

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