Monday, July 29, 2013

Oregon- Monday July 29th

Another early start and breakfast at a bagel place to plan where we go next.  Originally we were going to head to Portland but today we changed our mind and decided to go inland to do some wine and beer tasting. There's a surprise!

However first we intended to start our day with a hike instead of ending it with a hike like previous days.  A couple we met recommended a dunes/ forest/ beach hike a few miles north of where we stayed last night. Unfortunately we parked a bit too far north.  That was the beginning of another adventure...

The walk started off in the forest- a little sandy underfoot but very pretty. We then walked a couple of miles along a deserted beach, and because we'd ended up walking further from where we parked, we decided to do an alternate dune route back. Er.  Mistake. Up and down undulating dunes is not fast and not easy. After almost three hours, we finally made it back- starving!

Next stop lunch! Quick fish and chips in Newport and then a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It was a sweet aquarium but not a patch on the California Monterey aquarium :)

Finally we (me!) drove inland to Corvallis to another well deserved dinner and beer tasting.  Early night tonight!

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