Sunday, July 28, 2013

To Oregon- Sunday 28th July, 2013

A good nights sleep had us already on the road by 8:30 AM.  Morning mist was heavy so Mustang top was still up.  Passed a heard of elk at Elk Crossing and had to go back and take photos.

Had to stop for coffee at a Starbucks because no where else was open and was finally able to put the roof down.

Finally crossed the Oregon border which we discovered was about 500 miles from Morgan hill. California IS a very long state! We stopped at the OR border visitors center and picked up maps etc.

Next stop was at the Natural bridges viewpoint.  Fairly steep downhill with amazing views.  After, we discovered we had walked across one of the arches and didn't even know it!

The roads have been pretty quiet and Dick keeps talking about how much he loves his mustang.  There are lots of passing places  when the road goes down to two lanes, so it is easy and not frustrating driving :)

We stopped for lunch at Port Orford  in a tiny shack called  Griffs on the Dock right next to the fishing boat fleet.  Yummy!

Back on the road we stopped at Port Orford state park to see the old lifeboat and did a walk around the headland. We are determined to keep walking our steps this holiday and have done a great job so far!

Several times we have got off highway 101 to follow scenic routes and today we followed a recommendation from a travel book which had us driving along a gravel road for several miles.  I called it an 'adventure', Dick described as 'the gravel road from hell'.  He said it made his poor car dirty :( The road did lead us to the sunset state park where we hiked along the coast for 2 miles and back.

Tonight we are staying in a motel opposite a  restaurant which had great reviews. The inside wasn't wonderful and the clientele 'interesting' but the service was great and the seafood was excellent.

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