Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oregon- Tuesday 30th July

Last night we decided we really like Corvallis, and maybe we should stay an extra day. So we decided to have a no car day. We rented some good road bikes and had a really nice 27 mile ride around the countryside around Corvallis. The area was so English- right down to the blackberry laden hedgerows that we almost felt homesick. Both of us started to think about whether this area has seasons and whether it might be a good retirement spot....no sales tax here and house prices are more like Georgia and Corvallis is a great college town.

After our ride we had a great lunch and beer (great micro breweries here- another good reason to love it here). We intended to do some wine tasting later but discovered that although there are wine shops, no one actually offers wine tasting in town :-(  So we went back to the hotel and soaked in the hotel hot tub and relaxed until dinner.

Dinner was in a great wine bar which offered flights of fabulous Oregon wine and some really good tapas.

Tonight we are exhausted but we've planned the next few days and we are having a great time!

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