Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carousel San Jose

Today I walked at lunchtime with my boss. She reminded me of the carousel in the park that we walk past. It was a very quick photo shoot, and I'd love to have more time to take some again in the future with my 35 mm camera. I even managed a reflection shot! I did have one thought though. The carousel is open during the day, and one person was manning the booth. The lights were all on, but the carousel was not moving and it was noisy. There must have been some kind of motor going. No children anywhere around. Much as I love this kind of thing it did seem to be a waste of money and I started to wonder who was paying for it. It is funny how these times bring those kind of questions to mind.

1 comment:

Zerlindatar said...

I thoroughly agree about the advert. Well said. Sexist and sizeist.
Dog TV - I love it!
Beautiful carousel photos.
Did you tell your driver he is on your blog? Great photo! His friendly personality shines out through the bus door.
Looking forward to photos from Healdsburg...


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