Thursday, March 12, 2009

Several days worth...

Today is Thursday, and the weekend is almost here. We have tidied the house and are almost ready to take off for the weekend after work tomorrow. We are both getting into work early so we can leave early afternoon and try to escape the rest of the traffic that is trying to leave the Bay area for the weekend. We are heading towards Healdsberg- in the middle of wine country, to visit friends and go barrel tasting over the weekend. I have days of blog entries to write as I probably won't get the time to over the weekend. Today was a day of plenty in terms of things to write and photograph, so here goes...

Thursday- meet my favorite bus driver..

This cheerful chap greets me with a huge smile every day at 4:05 PM. Today he let me take his picture. He is always smiling and always gets us home on time.

For Friday- Bus stop advert

This ad appeared this week on the bus stop shelter and it bugs me! It is an ad sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services.

What bugs me is that this is probably not an obese person, but an overweight one. Why do we have to all have a perfect body? The other thing that bugged me is why is it a woman in a swimsuit? I am not a feminist but I think they could have found a better way to make their point. I actually think it is sexist. In case you can't read it, it says:
... started going for short walks during lunch hour ...
... stops ordering take-out and starts cooking healthy meals ...
... just bought bikini that challenges some obscenity laws ...

For Saturday- Dog TV

I came home from work today to find Dick working on the table outside in the front porch of our house. He has always wanted to have a place to sit and watch the word go by in the front just they would have done in the days of porches in front of homes. We've called it "Dog TV" since our friend Joel said that what the front porch was to his dog Popper.

It tickled me because we've lived in this house almost two years, and this was the first time he's done that. He was in heaven. In his socks, with a coffee, his music and his new laptop :-)

For Sunday-What is eating my daffodils??

Last winter I was given some free daffodils as part of a "Keep Morgan Hill beautiful" campaign. I planted them in my pots and noticed that just after they bloomed , the heads kept disappearing or appeared chewed. Today when I got home I found the culprit(s)..

The snail was still inside and the spider was munching away too!

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