Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too many to chose from

Each day I wonder how I will find something to take a photo of, but some days there is too much to chose from. Silly road signs, loaded bicycles, and reflections galore. Finally I found the one I really wanted but it did not turn out as well as I'd hoped. I went inside the Hotel Sainte Claire, an historic hotel near the convention center and they had a wonderful mail box inside. It had the original chute- still in use, and the original lock. For once I wished I had my 35 mm camera with me.


Pen and View said...

Your pix make me want to go there! I keep wanting to take a photo trip to downtown SJ. A bit closer and safer than SF. :)

Jackie said...

Actually I am truly surprised as to how much I'm finding! Do it.. there is lots for kids too..


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