Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Last night I went shopping to buy goodies for St. Pat's treats for work. I was later than I probably should have been but when I asked they admitted they had not much in the first place. I wondered whether it was the economy that they had not had much. So when I went on my wandering at lunchtime I paid attention to what everyone else was doing. I did see some people wearing green which seems to be traditional but there were very few shops with St. Pat's type deals- even restaurants. The only obvious ones were the Irish Pub and ironically I always think, the English pub.

Then I started to wonder whether it is just more of a West coast thing. I know the hotspots for Irish immigrants were on the east coast- Boston, New York, and there is probably a big Irish population in San Francisco, but not in San Jose?

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