Saturday, May 02, 2009

Friday- last day!

Our last full day was packed! We started by going to Kilauea Lighthouse which also turns out to be a bird sanctuary and National Wildlife Refuge. The sun came out and the views were as usual, wonderful. There were also lots of seagull type birds nesting there called "Red-Footed Booby's" or 'A in Hawaiian. Of course this ended up being the joke of the day- the boys kept looking for "Booby's" :-)

We also learned about Joel and Stevie's silly holiday tradition of "losing credibility" by leaping simultaneously and taking a photo mid-air in a beautiful place or a place where one would not normally do so! Hence, it had to be done here...

Then we moved on to lunch, our first "plate" lunch, consisting if Kalua pork (shredded pork cooked for a long time), white rice and macaroni salad. I know that sounds strange but it is apparently a traditional lunch! Then we experienced another first- a full service petrol station! Sit in your car and be waited upon..

After that, we headed to another beach on the south side of the island to snorkel. We saw more turtles and all kinds of fish in the turbulent but clear water. Great conditions and warm sunny water. A perfect last snorkel trip.

We worked up an appetite for a last ice cream, and so drove towards a "Lappert's " ice cream parlour, accidentally driving past a very strange house- apparently recently owned by a Buddhist (hence the flags etc), that was just a maze of recycled objects. Hard to describe but I took lots of pictures. Here is just one of the whole house.

At the ice cream shop, Dick decided to go for it and chose a very sweet cone for his ice cream.. something he regretted as it was so sweet, he could not finish it!

Next we continued along the last bit of the coastal road that we had not been to. All the way to the state park at the end which involved a little off-roading, much to the delight of the boys.

The beach is long and golden and there were people returning from a kayaking trip. Another beautiful spot. We had fun "losing credibility" once again and I took way too many photos!

Stevie drew "Debi Deb Deb" in the sand and then we had to rush back to the house to change for a final dinner at Duke's. A great Holiday!!

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MakingIdeasVisible said...

Hi Jackie!

I love your photo blog and the challenge you've given yourself. Bravo!

I'm so glad to have found you here and plan to visit often. I'm really enjoying your images and the way you see the world.
Cheers, Julie
(your old pal Julie Stuart from Berkeley Lake)


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