Sunday, May 10, 2009

San Juan Bautista Mission

Today is Mother's Day in the States (as opposed to 'Mothering Sunday", which is celebrated on the third Sunday in March in the UK). For the first time ever, one of our mothers, Dick's mum Mary, was here in the States for what we call 'American Mother's Day'. As she is a history buff, I thought that a trip to the San Juan Bautista Mission might be a nice idea. It turned out to be a really interesting small mission building with a beautiful drought tolerant garden. I have never seen so many tall cacti in one place.

After the mission we headed to Moss Landing and sat and ate a picnic on the beach watching riders on horses, and even a low flying old plane.

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Pen and View said...

I have the same exact shot of that the same time of day. :) At first I did a double take. And I thought I was being so creative when I took it! I like your shot of the tower too.


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