Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way behind

That's how I feel. I have been taking some of my photos, but I have simply not had time to post them. And I feel guilty. I shouldn't. It is a self imposed task. No-one is making me do this but I am cross at myself. I have taken my 365 photos, it is the others that I have been not so good at. Anyway, enough of that.

Sunday we went for a long drive but it was so warm we didn't get out of the car- it was much cooler when it was moving. In the end I took some photos of an old chinese box that I have at home. It could be a tea caddy, but I'm not sure what it is. These two were the best- two parts of a whole.

Monday- my ceiling rainbow..

Wednesday- I went for a swim in the pool that is part of the gym in the office block across the road from us. It was lovely swimming outside again..

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