Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Community Garden Part 2

The bed was full so it was time to start planting. I laid all the plants I had out in the place I thought I'd plant them and then put them in the ground, leaving space in between to plant some seeds too. Ironically I forgot to take a photo that day- this one is three days later and the radish seeds were already up!

Here's a few more lots that are now planted. Note the cover crop in the bottom of the picture. That will add lots of nutrients into the soil over the winter and then will be turned back into the soil.

There are still some empty beds, but one family has theirs as a science project!

The beds are 100,200, 250 and 300 square feet, and everyone just chose the size they wanted. As of today there are 30 beds occupied, and probably room for another 20 depending on the size chosen. Cindy, a new garden friend, chose a 200 sq ft bed and cleverly split it into four sections using paving stones. She's also planted some flowers so it looks great already!

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