Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Community Garden Part 3

I realized I haven't explained the logistics of the whole garden. The garden is completely fenced by a 6 ft high chain link fence. We have mains water and several places where we can attach the hoses. The hoses and other shared gardening equipment are stored in a shed on site.

Here are three of our beds together- all planted.

Close up of the raised bed after 10 days- one end...

and the other..

So, in case you are in interested, we have planted cabbages (red and white), broccoli (seeds and plants), brussell sprouts plants, onions (sweet, and red- both plants and seeds), lots of different lettuces (also plants and seeds), herbs (sage, parsley, basil), radishes, carrots, spinach and kale (all seeds), leeks (plants) and cauliflower (plants). Not sure how it will all go but this is an experiment!

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