Sunday, October 24, 2010


In one of my more craziest moments I decided that I'd order a wormery or vermicomposter to compost our kitchen waste. This is how it gets put together!

Step 1
Clip all the parts together and line the collection tray with newspaper.

Step 2
Mix up the coir brick (basically tried coconut husks and soil) with water to hydrate it and add in paper scraps, so it is nice and moist. Add food scraps in one corner for food for the worms.

Step 3
Cover with damp shredded paper- very useful when you had a bag of pre-shredded office paper!

The worms were delivered next day all snug in their own compost in a cotton bag , padded well with shredded paper. The only thing they needed upon arrival was a little water spayed on them.

The box.

The worms mixed in their compost.

Added to the wormery.

It's ready!

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