Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dog sitting :-)

Our friends, Joel and Stevie live in Pasadena and were going up to Sonoma wine country for the weekend, so we said they could stay the night on the way up there if they bought their dog with them, so we could dog sit for the weekend. I was so used to having an beautiful but slow old lady around, I forgot how much energy a younger dog has, and how much hair they leave around the house :-) Popper was a little confused at first but settled in nicely- especially when there is food around. It did make me realize that the walk we used to do with Pepper is very short for a fast walking dog with lots of energy, so it was a good reminder of our commitment when we get another younger dog. He also does not still for very long when trying to take a picture! This was the best of not many good ones..


Zerlindatar said...

We dog sat an Australian Shepherd of a co-worker before getting our Schnauzer. We hadn't had a dog since we were kids so it was fun and informative. We were so lucky to get a previously owned dog. Maggie was about 4 and 1/2 when she waltzed into our lives and is such a perfect dog for us - very low maintenance for a dog - sweet and very well behaved. Maybe you could "try out" a "used dog". That's what we did.

Jackie said...

We'd love to get another dog- it just wouldn't be fair to the dog. We work too long hours. And it will be an adopted dog. One day..


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