Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday late afternoon I went to my pilates class. It was a hard class because the instructor, Jill, had been on holiday the week before and the week before that was Memorial day, so we'd had no class for three weeks. Jill had also learned a few new moves and was determined to try them out. There were also two older ladies who were really trying their hardest, but neither seemed to know their left from their right and it was hard not to spend the class smirking.

After the class I decided to take some photos of the exercise equipment and found out why I like my iphone for those on the spot photos. I used both my phone and my olympus point and shoot camera and the best ones were on the iphone because of the lack of flash!

Today I was back out in my garden taking pictures of my latest garden acquisition, the now named "Loo brush tree".

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Zerlindatar said...

Loo Brush Tree - funny girl - I have one and will never look at the same way again! Great photos!


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