Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lots to catch up on... part 1

It was quite a busy week last week:

The garden just grew and grew..

I am fascinated by the tomatillo plant in my pot. It is growing veraciously and it is covered in the little bells. I have never grown one before, and I am truly hoping that they will reach their full potential but in the mean time I am really enjoying watching it grow.

Thursday we had a Neighborhood Watch introductory meeting..

I know they say you are getting old when you notice police men look younger, but I swear the community services police officer didn't look old enough to be working! The photo I took of him wasn't very good, or I'd post it.

The biggest part of such a group seems to be getting to know your neighbors, so I am really hoping something will come of it.

On Friday we headed up towards San Francisco to drop Mary (my mother-in-law) off at the airport after a three week stay, and we kept on driving across the Golden Gate Bridge (in the fog) up towards Jenner. We stopped off on the way at the Pelican. A really nice English pub in Muir beach. A pint and a cheese and ham toastie to keep us going :-)

We stayed at the Rivers End in Jenner, a small restaurant with cabins that we had stayed in last summer. The view is just wonderful. It was a grey day but still spectacular ...

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