Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday night ride

Tonight after work, I got out my Townie Bike- it's the kind of bike with a basket on the front and saddle bags, so that I "pootle" along on slowly enjoying the sights and sounds around me. I cycled the three miles to the Coyote Creek bike path and then joined the trail at the Morgan Hill end with the intention of meeting Dick coming in the opposite direction from Blossom Hill. It was quite quiet and so I saw deer, lots of birds and most frightening- a skunk! It was only about 4 feet from me sniffing along the side of the trail and therefore didn't seem to see or hear me thank goodness. There was no sign of it on the way back.

Five miles into the trail, Dick came into sight and so I turned around and we cycled back together. By that time, my bum was getting a bit numb! I haven't ridden that bike for a while and the seat is very different to my other bike. Still we made it back via the Chipotle restaurant and bought a burrito to eat at home. A fifteen mile bike ride is not bad for a Friday night!

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