Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lots to catch up on... part 2

Saturday morning was grey and overcast, but we drove into the little town of Duncan Mills. It seems to centre around what is now a camping ground but what was a railway town. We ate a rather excellent breakfast at the Cape Fear Cafe..

We wandered through the small shops mainly selling to gullible tourists like us. My favorite one however was the General store which was "Open every dang day". They sold everything from groceries to bric a brac masquerading as antiques. I love old shops that have original fixtures and fittings - there was the old post office window, post office boxes and scales..

After several wineries, we finally stopped for lunch at Hop Kiln winery and had a picnic lunch next to the pond.

Eventually we ended up in Sebastopol. Another fine meal and the new Star Trek movie- quite a day!

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