Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few days rest and then chutney making

For some reason, it was very hard to get up Thursday and Friday, and we were both very glad to have a short work week. Dick's week did however not stop there, as they were trying to meet a deadline and he ended up working from home most of Saturday. I, in the mean time, went and did the usual Saturday morning jobs- market and supermarket. Whilst out I discovered that the tomatoes, apples and onions were just at the right price point for me to make Jamma's spicy tomato chutney. I do however always forget how expensive the malt vinegar is that goes in it.

Armed with all the ingredients, I spent the afternoon chopping and mixing, and then boiling. This time I did run out of malt vinegar- I had also forgotten that an English pint is bigger than an American pint. So the second batch I made was with a mix of vinegars which I will never be able to recreate, but we'll see how it tastes in a few years! Yes, years.. the longer it is kept, the better it is. Here's a photo of two jars in my pantry right now- one made in May 2004 and one made in September 2006.

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