Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Seattle Part 1 - the Space Needle and Kerry Viewpoint

We stayed in the Hotel Fairmount Olympic- must posher than our usual hotel, but we were celebrating, and it was very nice after the rather narrow bunk beds on the train! In true Wall family tradition we were up early and out for breakfast bright and early. Breakfast was overlooking Puget Sound, at the beginning of a very nice sunny and warm day. Seattle has had overly warm weather for this time of year- so the temperatures were more like we are used to at home.

After breakfast we walked all the way along the seafront and up to the Space Needle. The queues were fairly short, so we got to the top in record time. It actually takes 40 seconds in the glass elevators..

Next we walked uphill again to the Kerry Viewpoint for another perspective on the Seattle Skyline..

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