Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Seattle Part 2 - Queen Anne

We then walked even further uphill to the Queen Anne area of Settle to a well deserved pint of local beer at the Hilltop Ale House and some lunch. It was a very pretty neighborhood, and nice to see a non-touristy spot.

After a bus ride back down the hill, we went to the Sci-Fi Museum and geeked out for a while, though I must admit I did not recognise anywhere near as much as Dick, which was not unexpected! They also had a special exhibit which was a tribute to Jim Henson and therefore lots about the Muppets which was fun.

The museum is also attached to the Music Experience which had a tower of guitars in the entrance.

By this time we were getting tired so we headed back to the hotel on the Monorail and had a swim and a relax before we headed out to dinner. We pushed the boat out and had a wonderful, although long, chef's sampler menu in Chez Shea. A perfect end to a lovely first day.

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