Sunday, August 16, 2009

Motorcycle blues

This morning we went for a ride on our motorbikes, and I started off really well. I even had to do a quick stop when a traffic light changed, so I was feeling pretty confident. Maybe a little overly so. Going up a hill I took a corner a little narrower than I should have and almost fell off but just recovered myself in time. I was a little shaken and Dick had seen it all in his mirrors (he was in front of me) and so we stopped. We should have just carried on but we didn't and I ended up over thinking it, so when we set off again, I stalled the bike, and as the bike was not straight, it started to tip over. There is a moment when you can rescue it but I realized a moment too late, and a bike is heavy once it starts falling. Luckily I was still on the side of the road, so perfectly safe, but I did feel a fool. Poor bike, the end of the clutch lever snapped off. Now I have a matching pair...

The good news is that I can pick the bike up myself and by the time Dick came back to find me, I was stood next to my bike once more. We did carry on and rode for an hour, by then I had worked out what I had done wrong in the first corner and was fine after that. Phew! Why is it so hard to learn things in your 40's??

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