Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Friday surprise

Yes, I am a few days behind but I have a great excuse. A couple of weeks ago, Dick presented me with a surprise trip to Seattle, WA by train to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary :-) Friday was leaving day! We both went to work as usual and then Dick came down by train to meet me in San Jose. The intention was to go for a walk around and find a new restaurant but we didn't get very far- we ended up in the Brit Pub and had a pint! Dick had English style pub curry and I had fish and chips.

Not very adventurous but fine. We did go for a walk after, trying to find where we had walked the first time we came to San Jose, but eventually ended up back at my work to pick up the suitcases and headed to the train station.

Lots of people were waiting at the station but only a few had sleeper cabins like us. The train came in about 10 minutes late. We were showed our little box of a room, and told to go straight up to the diner for dinner. As we'd already had dinner, so we settled for dessert and shared a half bottle of wine.

The dining car..

Once we got back to our cabin, the attendant had already set up our beds which was quite funny as I had to work out how to get in the top bunk. They even provide a strap to stop you falling out of bed! The downside was I could not see out of the window.

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