Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday and home

After a reasonably good nights sleep, having now got the hang of clambering onto the top bunk and able to just about ignore the noisy passengers getting off the train at 6 am in Sacramento, we finally got up and prepared ourselves to go back to work. I even had a shower- and quite a good one, in the larger than expected 'dressing room'. After breakfast and good views of the bay, I went again for a wander in the train and took some more photos.

We arrived into San Jose about 20 minutes late at 10:10 AM. I walked to work and Dick waited for his commute train to work. We decided to go to work because neither the express buses or the trains run down to Morgan Hill during the day, so we saved a day off and worked a longer day instead. It was a strange day though- everything ran later!

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