Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bicycle ride and more snorkeling

Monday we rented bikes for the morning and cycled along a really nice bike path along the coast from Kapa'a for about 5 miles and then back. It was very quiet, with lovely scenery and an easy ride. Well worth the $10 bike rental.

After lunch we went snorkeling again at the Lydgate Beach. This is apparently normally a quiet cove which is protected by lava rocks, however the sea was so choppy today that the waves were crashing over the lava rock barrier and causing quite a swell. It was still a fun snorkel time for me though as I ended up at one end where all the fish seemed to be sheltering and there were literally schools of fish- so many that I was giggling to myself. I kept trying to take photos with the waterproof camera but then the swell would get both me and the fish and all I'd end up with was fish tails!

This evening we dined at the famous Duke's restaurant- very nice! Tomorrow we are all up before the sun to go on a catamaran ride up the west coast of the island to see the Na Pali coast state park and do yet more snorkeling. Can't wait!

Most of the trip photos on my Flickr page, and I just created a new folder (on the left) with just pictures from this trip in them.

And finally, we have seen lots of surfers, especially on days with big wave action today, and some of them are amazing but this little girl did make me think that they do start them young here!

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