Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ha'ena beach or "Tunnels"

Today (Thursday) we went back to Ha'ena beach for Joel and I to go snorkeling and for Dick and Stevie to watch :-) It is a beautiful beach but a long walk to the area where you can safely go in to snorkel- the sand is deep and not easy to walk in but you can't complain. The water was clear and blue and this time we saw our first turtles- the first one from a distance, the second came right up to us and gave me a bit of a shock. There were also fish everywhere, so we really enjoyed it. The only downside was the lack of sun, so the water was not as clear as we hoped.

I did not even take my camera with me but we all had margaritas at home after and I used the timer on my camera to get pics of the four of us for a change, as well as some of the margaritas themselves...

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