Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boat trip to Na Pali State Park Coastline and more snorkeling

Tuesday we got up at 5 AM to drive to Port Allen to do a boat trip along the Na Pali coast and Niihau. It was an ominous start as it started raining on our drive there, but no one seemed worried when we checked in at Holo-Holo Charters.

The boat was a big catamaran with plenty of space both inside and out, which was a good job considering the weather, and the fairly fast ride. It started well however as not before long, we spotted a school of dolphins which stayed around a long time and so I took lots of photos!

Eventually we came to the Na Pali State Park coast line- there was still some low cloud hanging around so it was very moody looking but it also made the colors pop. It does mean that the photographs do not do it justice in any way. It is just such a majestic magnificent sight. The sun started to break through and the water was just so blue.

Many many photographs later, we moved on towards the forbidden island of Niihau.

We were moored up near a "rock" (not technically an island as it has no fresh water) off the coast of Niihau. Then we got to snorkel for about an hour- one of the seals came in for a swim too! The bad news was that my waterproof camera sprung a leak and stopped working. No idea how or why as it had worked perfectly the day before. So once back on the boat, I photographed from the dry with my other camera.

At least three times during the seven hour trip we spotted whales having fun rolling in the waves- only once did I manage to get a good picture.

Needless to say, we were pooped when we got home!

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