Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glass beach, Junk yard , Japanese Cemetery, and more snorkeling

This morning we headed south of Kapa'a towards 'Ele'ele, which is technically called the south shore. On the way we saw glass beach, which is actually near an old dump- millions of pieces of broken glass washed in from broken bottles and auto glass. There was not as much there as there used to be as people have taken lots away, but it was very strange walking on lots of smooth glass. I know sand is similar really but to see blue and red in it was different.

The dump itself was apparently created at the turn of the century, and now the sides of the cliffs are embedded with the junk- from old cars to other metal and glass. It is a fascinating but macabre sight.

The saddest part is probably the old largely abandoned cemetery near the same spot. Stevie said that when they first came here, it was fairly neatly kept but today it was overrun with weeds and debris. The graves I saw were largely Japanese ones, and carved in Japanese characters so I had no idea what they said.

After lunch we headed over to see the spouting horn - a small lava shelf where water from waves is thrust through an opening and quirts out a blow hole- apparently it is one of the only blowholes that makes this weird moaning gasping sound as it fills.

Then we headed over to see the Hyatt hotel in Po'ipu - not the normal sightseeing but the hotel and its grounds were quite spectacular. Stevie and I were going to book a spa treatment until we saw the price list! Instead we used their restrooms to change into our swimsuits and went snorkeling in some much colder water than yesterday! We did see lots of great fish though.

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