Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sight seeing, Snorkeling, margaritas and whale spotting!

Yesterday we were driven up the east coast of Kauai north of Kapa'a in the convertible we have rented for the week. The temperatures here are strange in the sense that they don't vary tremendously throughout the day- the difference between day and night is only about 10 degrees and the variation in the day is only about 5 degrees, and it generally varies between 70 and 75 Fahrenheit during the day with some humidity so it is very pleasant. The skies are generally partly cloudy with big patches of sun and the occasional threat of rain that passes quickly. I'm told that normally it does rain once a day like in the tropics.

The scenery here is spectacular and the beaches are as beautiful as you would imagine. We've seen lots of people surfing and learning to surf, but this one particular boy make me smile..

Don't you just love his pose?

Eventually we settled on snorkeling at Anini beach and had a great time in the water. I was surprised at how much we saw, and also surprised at how warm the ocean was considering we are literally in the middle of the ocean miles from anywhere.. I tried taking photos using our small waterproof digital camera and some came out ok considering it is not meant for that purpose.

After an afternoon of swimming we had to go to the supermarket for basics for breakfast and also to buy ingredients to make margaritas according to the boys. Firstly everything is very expensive. You forget how far everything has to come!

Joel made extremely good but very potent margaritas and we sat and drank them on the porch and whilst drinking them we spotted whales blowing and tails, and no, it was not the alcohol induced. Not a bad day.

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