Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garden surprises

Last year, I scattered lost of wildflower seeds in the bare patches in my back garden. To be honest, I forgot all about them until this spring when a host of plants started growing. Trouble is, I had no idea which were weeds and which were wildflowers! I must have pulled some up in my weeding frenzy, but others I left, and crossed my fingers! In the last few days I suddenly realized they had flower heads, and today they were poppies!

I also found lots of other plants beginning to bloom, and took pictures of them to remind myself of what they looked like at this time of year.

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Zerlindatar said...

Hello Jackie, Was just catching up on your blog - everything from bike baskets with that fancy name to a trip to Hawaii.
I have a real love-hate relationship with this pink flower. Amazingly enough, mine started the same way (after I'd planted a can of wildflower seeds my brother sent me). The love part is that they are so easy to grow, have a wonderfully long blooming season March to probably Oct or Nov. They work great as cut flowers. The ones that are buds end up blooming while in the vase. They root easily in water. The hate part is that they are very invasive and can choke out other plants that you might have planted. Their name is Oenothera )evening primrose, sundrops). As I was spending several hours pulling them out of areas in my back yard I remembered that I had not yet sent you my cautionary tale.


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