Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday's adventures

One of my not so exciting adventures yesterday (Wednesday) was loading the dishwasher and filling it with hand dishwashing soap rather than the proper stuff. Therefore we have very clean kitchen floor too!!

We also swapped the Sebring convertable rental car for a four door soft top jeep, which we decided was actually far more appropriate for this island and its interesting road surfaces (read pot holes) on the overused routes. It is also much easier for four people to get in and out of! Hence our day started later than normal.

We first went to see some waterfalls- Wailua Falls and 'Opeaka'a Falls- both pretty spectacular even from a distance. Then headed back to Kapa'a for BBQ at Scotty's bar, which you go to mostly for the fabulous view of the ocean whilst eating lunch. The food is pretty good too.

'Opeaka'a Falls

Wailua Falls

View from Scotty's Bar

Lastly we donned our hiking shoes and drove up a long and winding road to several vista points. Firstly to Puu Hinahina lookout. No-one can quite prepare you for the view. I hate to say Grand Canyon, but it is hard to describe it any other way. Just absolutely stunning- and so unexpected. Beautiful. The views were also wonderful at the Waimea Canyon lookout.

But, we were not done! Further up the road, we got to the head of the Na Pali Kona Forest trail. Unfortunately, the clouds were very low and so it was almost foggy. Sometimes we were above the clouds almost like being on an airplane. It did however make for some very moody photos and some beautiful snatches of the valley below us. I also took lots of pictures of the flora and fauna. Most of which are posted on my Flickr page. Excellent photo trip!

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